Limited edition art prints


When the artist numbers the image, what does “1/15” mean?

It means this is the first of the 15 copies which will be produced. The second print sold will bear 2/15, and so on.

Can I show your images or a photo of a print for personal purposes or as a reference in an article?

Certainly! However, you must always provide the following legal note: Credits: André Faucher, digital artist /

I really like your style. Could you design an image that’s specific to me or my company?

It’s entirely possible. Write me via the form on the contact page and we will discuss your project together.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a paper signed by the artist. It certifies that the work complies with all criteria. It goes with each print and includes, among other things, the image and its title, the artist’s name, the format, print number, the support and the printing date. Everything is certified by a unique number that is affixed to both the certificate and the back of the work.

Can I use your images for ads, websites, books, etc.?

Using images from my various web platforms or taking a photograph of an artwork you purchased and using it for commercial or promotional purposes is forbidden. See the Copyright Act.