The 5th symphony of Beethoven

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is also called the Symphony of Destiny. It is on this theme that my concept is based.

Beethoven’s life is illustrated by the circular-shaped keyboard that represents the cycle of his life. The keyboard fades slowly as time progresses, illustrating the progression of deafness throughout his life.

The four legendary notes of the beginning of the symphony are symbolized by the four staves at the corners of the work. The upper right corner represents the last slipped note, the red color representing the fate that strikes, its fire and its fiery character.

The image is divided into four parts: childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. Finally, we find the stick that touches the keyboard and transmitting the vibration of the notes.

Standard format | $ 675 CAD

Size of the image: 24 X 24 inches (61 X 61 cm)
Print size: 28 X 28 inches (71 X 71 cm)

Large format | $ 900 CAD

Size of the image: 30 X 30 inches (76 X 76 cm)
Print size: 35 X 35 inches (89 X 89 cm)

Luxury format | $ 1,250 CAD

Size of the image: 36 X 36 inches (92 X 92 cm)
Print size: 42 X 42 inches (106,5 X 106,5 cm)

Open Edition – unsigned | $ 50 USD

Open Edition – unsigned
Up to 17 inches (43 cm) wide.
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