Mozart’s Requiem

The centerpiece of my work is the official photo of Mozart’s childhood violin, which has been generously given to me by The International Mozarteum Foundation.

We thus find the violin, two-thirds of which is brightly colored, representing the ardor of Mozart. The last third represents the composition completed by his assistant Süssmayr, tinted a lighter color than the master, though harmonious.

The upper part is engraved with the M of Mozart’s signature, while the lower part is marked by part of Süssmayr’s signature.

The treble clef as well as the measurement cipher are a reproduction of Mozart’s original manuscript. Notes composed of the first notes of Lacrimosa, the sixth Sequentia of the Requiem.

The catholic church, for which the requiems are generally composed, is represented by the stained glass supporting the violin. We finally find in the corners, the reproduction of a structure forged in the metal of the cathedral Saint-Etienne of Vienna, where died Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791.


This work is now part of the archives of the International Mozarteum Foundation in Austria.

Standard format | $ 675 CAD

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Large format | $ 900 CAD

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Luxury format | $ 1,250 CAD

Size of the image: 36 X 36 inches (92 X 92 cm)
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Open Edition – unsigned | $ 50 USD

Open Edition – unsigned
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