Classical Music Collection

Bringing together the different musical masterpieces from another era, you will find in this collection a visual interpretation of the different works of our great composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.

Description of the works

Tales and Poetry Collection

Here are two universes rich in imagination, discover in my creations a very personal vision of the different pieces that have left an indelible mark in our life.

Description of the works

Close to me Collection

This collection showcases characters from all walks of life. From super heroes to TV series, to board games ... not to mention childhood memories from another era.

The Legends Collection

A return to the past with the various legends that have illuminated our lives and which will undoubtedly awaken memories still very present in the collective memory.

Infinity Star Wars Collection

Bringing together figures from the Infinity collection, the characters are staged in an environment created from scratch with craft materials. Unique works that will undoubtedly appeal to all fans.

Game of Thrones Collection

Figure from the legendary Game of Thrones series, Tyrion Lannister is well established in an environment created from scratch with craft materials.

Budo Smurf Collection

For martial arts amateurs, here are the budo smurfs. Experts in their own way in different martial disciplines, a very original gift to offer to your sensei.

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